Tally Professional Course

If you are a working professional and an expert in the Accounting and Finance domain, then Tally Professional is the course designed for your career growth. It covers topics from advanced accounting and inventory to taxation including payroll and income tax. The various concepts explained through illustrations, self-learning videos and real-life industry-based scenarios help establish a strong foundation for your Accounting, Inventory, Taxation and Financial career. The course will help you understand how to perform advanced Accounting, Inventory and Taxation (GST, TDS, TCS), and Payroll to name a few. The practical applications will be done on the new TallyPrime software to keep you at par with the new releases. To join this course locate a partner near you.To enroll in our flagship courses you can locate the nearest partner and join the course. TallyProfessional covers topics from intermediate to advanced financial accounting concepts, advanced inventory, and accounting advanced GST, TDS and TCS transactions, Payroll management with Income Tax. It is available in 2 volumes. Enclosed below are the topic details covered under each volume:



Chapter 1: MultiCurrency

Understanding multi-currency transactions in TallyPrime. Setting up and managing multiple currencies in company profiles. Recording and reporting transactions involving foreign currency. Handling exchange rate fluctuations and currency conversions in TallyPrime.

Chapter2:Interest Calculation

Implementing interest calculation methods for loans, advances, and overdue payments. Configuring interest calculation parameters in TallyPrime. Generating interest calculation reports for analysis and compliance

Chapter3:Manufacturing Process-Job Work

Understanding job work processes in manufacturing.
Recording job work transactions in TallyPrime, including outsourcing and subcontracting. Tracking job work orders, materials, and costs for accurate costing and inventory management.

Chapter 4: Job Costing

Implementing job costing techniques to analyze project profitability.
Allocating costs to specific jobs and projects in TallyPrime.
Generating job costing reports to evaluate project performance and profitability.

Chapter 5: Advanced Banking Transactions

Advanced banking transactions in TallyPrime, including loan management and overdraft facilities. Handling complex banking transactions such as bank guarantees and letter of credit (LC). Reconciling bank statements and managing bank accounts effectively in TallyPrime.

Chapter 6: Connectivity Features in TallyPrime using Tally.NET

Leveraging Tally.NET to enable remote access and collaboration in TallyPrime. Configuring Tally.NET features for data synchronization and security. Utilizing connectivity features for seamless integration with other applications and platforms.


Chapter 1: Recording Advanced GST Transactions

Recording advanced GST transactions such as reverse charge mechanism and input tax credit reversal. Handling GST adjustments, amendments, and reconciliations in TallyPrime.
Generating GST audit files (GAF) and other compliance reports for statutory filings.

Chapter 2: Recording Advanced TDS Transactions

Recording advanced TDS transactions including TDS on rent, commission, and professional fees. Configuring TDS rates, thresholds, and exemptions in TallyPrime.
Generating TDS certificates and filing TDS returns as per regulatory requirements.

Chapter 3: Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

Understanding Tax Collected at Source (TCS) provisions under the Income Tax Act. Recording TCS transactions and calculating TCS amounts in TallyPrime. Generating TCS certificates and compliance reports for statutory filings.

Chapter 4: Payroll and Income Tax

Managing employee payroll and income tax calculations in TallyPrime. Configuring payroll settings, salary structures, and deductions. Generating payroll reports and income tax statements for employees and statutory authorities.


Practical simulation exercises to reinforce learning and practice advanced GST transactions in TallyPrime. Simulating real-world scenarios and challenges faced by businesses in GST compliance. Hands-on experience in navigating TallyPrime to handle complex GST transactions effectively.