Essential Level 3 (Taxation And Compliance)

Chapter 1: Goods and Services Tax

Advanced understanding of Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations and compliance requirements. In-depth analysis of GST invoicing, input tax credit, and reconciliation processes. Handling complex GST transactions and scenarios, including inter-state supplies and exports. Advanced GST reporting and filing procedures to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

Chapter 2: Tax Deducted at Source

Comprehensive coverage of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) provisions under the Income Tax Act. Understanding TDS deduction rates, thresholds, and compliance requirements for different types of payments. Processing TDS deductions and remittances accurately in Tally software. Generating TDS certificates and filing TDS returns in compliance with regulatory deadlines.

Chapter 3: Management of Business Data

Advanced techniques for managing and organizing business data efficiently in Tally software. Optimizing data entry processes and streamlining data management workflows.
Customizing reports and data views to extract meaningful insights for decision-making.
Implementing data backup, recovery, and archival strategies to safeguard critical business information.

Chapter 4: Moving to the Next Financial Year

Understanding the process of transitioning to the next financial year in Tally software. Carrying forward balances, vouchers, and master data from the previous financial year. Closing financial year-end accounts and reconciling balances for accurate reporting.Addressing common challenges and best practices for a smooth transition to the new financial year.

GST Simulation

Practical simulation exercises to reinforce learning and enhance proficiency in GST compliance and reporting. Real-world scenarios and case studies to simulate GST transactions and challenges faced by businesses. Hands-on experience in navigating Tally software to handle GST-related tasks effectively.Feedback and guidance from experienced instructors to improve understanding and application of GST concepts.